About Us

With Surety Pro Pharmacy, you will find a pharmacy provider that incorporates decades of institutional pharmacy experience with a unique blend of clinical expertise and facility management practice. Surety Pro was founded by an innovative operator of long-term care assisted living communities who was looking for a pharmacy that held the same high standards of caring for their residents as they did. In 2011, Surety Pro Pharmacy was created to deliver the best customer service possible while providing accurate and timely delivery of medications.

Surety Pro’s leaders understand the challenges of care delivery and the importance of a good pharmacy provider. An operator with senior living experience is key in understanding these clinical needs. Since its opening, Surety Pro has extended their services to other assisted living communities in southeastern Wisconsin. Vice President Gary Olszewski, RPh, brings over 27 years of long-term care pharmacy experience, which is vital in creating the best pharmacy services for assisted living communities.

At Surety Pro, we believe that good communication and attention to detail and accuracy are essential.

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