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Consulting Services

Our consulting pharmacists become a part of your care team.

What sets Surety Pro Pharmacists apart is that we have extensive knowledge in senior care delivery and facility administration.

Surety Pro Consultant Pharmacists are specially trained to help you effectively manage outcomes and costs. Your Surety Pro Consultant Pharmacist is a member of your facility's team and will provide:

  • Regularly scheduled drug regimen reviews
  • Audits of on-site medication storage
  • Scheduled med pass reviews
  • Training in proper medication administration
  • Medication information support to nursing staff

Your consulting pharmacist will participate in appropriate facility meetings and perform other clinical duties needed to ensure compliance with all state and federal pharmaceutical related regulations.

Outcome Measurement

Continuous evaluation of pharmacy services and clinical processes is essential to helping you manage care effectively and realize your goals. Our information management system integrates implementation and tracking, and provides the data for comprehensive clinical management.

Surety Pro Pharmacy's advanced technology consists of three integrated systems - an operational information system, an integrated consultant pharmacy system, and our QS/1WebConnect system, providing the facility and our professionals the ability to efficiently implement processes for utilization management of pharmacy and other facility services.