Drug Dispensing and Delivery

Surety Pro offers single drug unit dose card dispensing, also known as “punch cards,” “bingo cards", or “bubble packaging”. We can support Anniversary Fill, Cycle Fill or Calendar Fill systems.

Surety Pro’s medication packages are:

  • Easy to read with color-coded labeling and barcodes
  • Easy to organize, and thin enough to fit many in a med cart
  • Easy to punch, with cutouts behind the pills

The advantages of single dose packaging over multi dose, Medicine on Time™ or strip packs:

  • When there’s a medication change, there’s no waiting for days until the new packaging arrives, as is sometimes the case with strip packs or other multi dose packaging. Single dosing is simple and easy to follow, and it makes responding to medication changes easy.
  • When a medication from a multi dose pack is accidentally dropped, the whole dose “cup” must be thrown out and replaced because pills are difficult to identify.
  • With single dosing, there’s less likelihood of missing a PRN medication dose or an antibiotic dose since all are packaged separately.
  • Your staff saves time checking in medications with single dose because they come monthly (cycle or anniversary fill), rather than every two weeks. Each medication is separate for easy identification. We know how important it is to be sure the medications delivered match the resident’s MAR.


You can count on Surety Pro to deliver your medications in a timely manner. We can support Cycle Fill, Anniversary Fill and Calendar Fill systems to meet your needs. We’ll also make daily deliveries as needed for urgent medications, even on weekends and evenings. We are open on Saturdays too!

Medication Carts

We realize that changing pharmacies may mean you have to return your med carts. Surety Pro will provide you with medication carts for a nominal monthly fee. We’ll work with you to determine the right type of cart needed.

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